One Room Challenge {The REVEAL!}

It’s here!  The end!  Praise the Lord!  I’m so glad this is over!

If you missed my earlier posts on the One Room Challenge, it’s a challenge to makeover a room in six weeks!  Twenty designers participate and share their progress each Wednesday.  Guest participants post their progress on Thursdays in a link party.  This is the last week so go check out the link party to see everyone’s finished projects.  And the designers’ finished rooms are amazing.

I’ve been working on our Guest Bedroom/Office.  And it’s really more like my husband’s bedroom than a guest bedroom.  I usually end up sleeping with our youngest two girls and he gets a bed to himself.  I’m slightly jealous.

Here’s where we started out…It wasn’t terrible but it had never really been decorated and needed a lot of de-cluttering.


one room challenge

I say it wasn’t too bad because it got much, much worse around Week 4.  I seriously wanted to cry and nail the door shut.  After the desk broke into 50 pieces, I got the one from my old bedroom at my Mom’s house for the space.  I intended to paint it but I totally ran out of time.  Maybe that will be a project for another day.


I pushed onward.  The One Room Challenge does give you a great incentive to push forward and get it done.

And here is the new and improved guest bedroom.


I decided to paint the wall by the window plaid to give the room a more masculine feel and as an ode to my hubby.  He wears a plaid shirt almost every day of his life.  So this is my little decor tribute to him.  (He would have preferred a homemade pie instead.)


I will post a tutorial on how I painted this wall soon.  It really wasn’t as labor intensive as it looks. I almost cried again when it was over because I thought it was too bold.  Luckily, once I hung the curtain rod and curtains, it toned the pattern down a lot.  I like it now!

curtain rod

Can you tell that I’m all about that blue?  I moved the bed to the wall to the right as you enter the room.  This was a strategic move to get the bed as far away from the air vent in the ceiling as possible.



I added a starburst mirror and wall lights above the bed.  Since the wall is small, I knew there wouldn’t be enough room for lamps on either side of the bed.  These lights (affiliate) provided a nice alternative without taking up space on the side of the bed.


The bedside table is small enough to hold my “Hark the Sound” print by All She Wrote Notes, a small chinoiserie vase of flowers and a small picture frame.  It also gives my husband a place to charge his phone at night.

guest room bedside table

On the long wall of the room I added a gallery wall.  I found the mirrored frames set on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond for $7.50!  I knew I would use them eventually.  I also added a canvas picture from our wedding and a few mirrors from TJ Maxx!  The frames look silver in the photo but they are actually mirrored and coordinate nicely with the mirrored bedside table.  The watercolor print is by Kelsey McNatt.



The other frames hold one of our wedding photos and a favorite picture of each of our girls.

And that’s a wrap on my One Room Challenge!  Thanks for reading along and putting up with my lack of progress until the last minute.


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  1. Great job, friend!! You worked so hard and you know I’m a lover of plaid! #madforplaid Looks so cozy and beautiful! When can I come over? ??

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