Rustic Glam Valentine’s Heart Craft

If you follow me on Instagram (please do!) you know that I added a few Valentine’s Day touches to the small mantel above the stove in my kitchen a couple of weeks ago.  When I got around to decorating the mantel in my living room, I ended up taking several of the things I used in the kitchen to the living room.  Then I needed something to fill the empty spot in the kitchen.  First world problems, y’all.

I’m all about using what I already have and upcycling so I brainstormed projects I could DIY for Valentine’s Day.  Here’s what I came up with!

I’m calling it a Rustic Glam Valentine’s Heart.  It’s made from the lid to an old cheese box and took less than 15 minutes!  I could do crafts like that all day long!

Here’s what you’ll need (may contain affiliate links):

  • An old cheese box – I found my stash of them at a second hand store and in my Grandma’s attic.
  • Contact Paper or check the Dollar Store
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter (mine was from Michaels)
  • Disposable foam brush
  • Newspaper (optional but helps with the glitter bomb)

Start by wiping down your cheese box to clean it get any dust or yuck off of it.  I used a wet paper towel to clean mine and then let it dry.

I cut a heart shape into the folded contact paper.

I pulled the back cover off of the contact paper and stuck it to the cheese box.

Then I covered the inside of the heart with Modge Podge using a disposable brush and shook the glitter onto the Modge Podge.

Once the entire heart was covered, I shook the excess glitter off onto a newspaper to see where I missed spots.  I dabbed a little more Modge Podge onto the spots I missed and sprinkled the glitter on the newspaper back over those spots.  Repeat this process until your heart is as glittery as you like!

Finally, I peeled the contact paper off of the cheese box.

I love it!  I had everything on hand except for the red glitter which was around $2 at Michaels with a coupon.

I shook the excess glitter onto the newspaper several times and placed it in its new home on the kitchen mantel to dry!  I did another project  for another holiday on the backside of this cheesebox!  Check it out here!  The other red heart and the garland are from the Dollar Tree a couple of years ago. I think they still have them though. The candles were from my Christmas stash but I have no clue where I found the blue Mason jar.

You can find my other cheese box projects here and here.  Soon I’ll have a cheese box for every season!  You can also see more of my favorite DIY projects here.

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