Bathroom Gallery Wall

Hobby Lobby got me again y’all.  I intend to just run in there for a hot minute and grab one thing and then their wall decor is 50% off and I can’t contain myself.  This led to yet another bathroom gallery wall.

I know there are few things more exciting than pictures of my bathroom but here it is.  The wall was completely empty before.

And here’s a shot of the other side.  (You can find the tutorial on how I built the shelf above the toilet here.)

That polka-dot wall was about the easiest DIY ever!  Check it out here!

Here are the pieces that I found at Hobby Lobby (minus the “J” that Mom gave me for Christmas…I think it came from Ross).  I like to lay out my galleries on the floor first to play around with the design.

Then, I move them to the wall one by one. And here is the finished product!

It’s a fun little to the space!

It’s so funny how things change.  I would never have thought I would have a gold bathroom (or gold of any sort) in my house 10 years ago but I love it!  I feel like I lean towards a more traditional style of decor so this bathroom is it’s something a little whimsical and unexpected.   That proves that everything comes back in style if you wait long enough!

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