Rocking Chair Makeover

Hi friends!  I’m so excited to share my first makeover using Milk Paint today!

McKenna received this sweet little rocking chair as a gift when she was one.  It has seen its share of rocking in its day. It’s also seen its share of ink pens and nail polish.

It’s the perfect size for Miranda so I decided to spruce it up a little for her with the (contains affiliate link) Milk Paint I received at Haven Conference last year.

I used a disposable brush (because I’m lazy…a real one would have been better).

I even got a little help for about 30 seconds!

This thing had a lot of crevices for a little rocking chair.  I did one very thorough coat and then went back and touched up the spots.

Then, I sat the project aside for a couple of days to dry and then applied the Folk Art Finishing Oil.

I applied with an old cloth per the directions on the bottle.  This was my first time using milk paint so I had no idea how it would turn out.  The oil gave the piece a streaked look.  Regretfully, I didn’t seem to get a picture of it before I started the sanding.  The instructions said to use a 280 grit sand paper.  I only had 150 grit so that’s what I used.

The milk paint made the distressing really easy.  I  went over the edges a couple of times with the sandpaper to give  the edges a distressed look.

Check out the difference a little milk paint makes!  The finishing oil takes 30 days to cure so I’m keeping it out of sight until then.

Milk paint gives this little rocking chair a beautiful distressed look. It looks so easy to do! Great DIY for beginners!

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  1. I love love it! I’ve seen them in antique stores. It I’ve never purchased any. I’ve only painted with chalk paint. Thanks for sharing

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