Smitten {Again}

I’m back sharing another compilation of my favorite things!  We are quickly easing into a summer state of mind around here.  We have one Bible School behind us and starting to check things off our bucket list.

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I know I just shared one of these posts a couple of weeks ago but I’ve already racked up a bunch of new stuff that I’m smitten with!

First up…Hart of Dixie!  I’ve been watching this on Netflix (with my Roku) and I’m totally smitten.  I’m only on Season 1 so don’t tell me how it ends!  Any spoilers will be shot on site!  And Rachel Bilson is just the cutest.   Any suggestions for what I should watch next after Hart of Dixie?

Alright…this post won’t top the charts of the excitement scale but I have to share this Bleach Stick with you.  My sister bought me one ages ago from a children’s boutique.  It works great for getting tough stains out of the kids clothes!  I’ve used it on some pretty nasty stains on some of their nicer clothing and it worked great.  Mine had been used up for a while and I finally ordered two more on Amazon.  It was a pretty timely purchase because the baby decided to take a marker to McKenna’s new bedspread!

Here’s a tiny glimpse of what I was dealing with…

I’m happy to report that every last mark came out with one wash!  You need this immediately.

In other news…the girls and I have already made a couple of trips to the library for summer reading books.  (Side note…never take a baby to a library….they won’t be quiet and want to run all over the place resulting in a plentiful supply of dirty looks and you have no time to choose a book for yourself.)  Ahem…so I ended up picking a random book for myself just to get out of there.  I picked The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews.  I had no clue it was set in NC until I cracked it open.  The story is set on the exclusive Belle Isle (I’m assuming it’s based on Bald Head Island if you’re local) and follows Riley Griggs as she reclaims her life and tries to figure out who killed her unscrupulous husband and avoid financial ruin.  I should write those book jackets, y’all.  It’s an easy read and perfect for the beach or summer vacation.

Sister has been raving about this easy and delicious recipe from Just a Pinch.  I finally tried it and she was right! (She always is and its pretty annoying.) Chad liked it and he is not a huge fan of chicken.  So that is saying a lot!  He even asked me how I seasoned the string beans because they had such a great flavor.   It is ridiculously easy.  I followed the recipe except I used russet potatoes instead of red.  I did have one mammoth sized chicken breast that wasn’t completely done after an hour so I stuck it back in the oven alone for ten more minutes and it was cooked to perfection.


Please, please, PLEASE continue to pray for little Allison.  They’ve had quite a few ups and downs since I posted last about her.  You can read her story and progress here.

Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.


My older girls had their dance recital last week!  They make their Mama proud.  I’ll share a full post on that soon (I hope!)  One of the other groups danced to a song that I’d never heard and I’ve been obsessed with it since.  It’s called Dancing in the Sky and I have it on repeat.  Here’s a Youtube video of it…

Gah!  If that doesn’t break you down, I don’t know what will.   Such a beautiful tribute!  I saved it for last because what can you write to follow that up?

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