Small Dining Room Update

I made a super easy and cheap update to the dining room that I wanted to share with you guys today!  While we were in Myrtle Beach, SC we hit up Old Tyme Pottery.  It’s is one of my favorite spots in Myrtle Beach.  Their wall decor was 20% off while we were there.  I took that as a sign to pick up these beauties for my dining room.

Here’s what it looked like before…

I always intended to add something (maybe white plates?) on each side of the picture but had never gotten around to it.  But when I saw these sconces I knew they would be the perfect size, color and pattern for the room.

And here it is after I added the sconces.  I feel like they finish off the wall.  And they have a tiny touch of gold that goes along with the Mrs. Cora…the grandfather…err grandmother clock.  Chad bought it for me at an estate sale and there is a little gold plate inside the door with the previous owner’s name so that’s why I call her Mrs. Cora.

The best part about these little sconces is they were less than $20 for both even after I bought the candles!  Don’t live near an Old Tyme Pottery?  Check out the selection (affiliate) on Amazon!

And while we’re at it…I took some updated picture of the dining room for the Home Tour page.  The ones I had up there before were the first ones I took way back when I added that page.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again…this is my favorite room in the house because its the only one that stays clean.

That fancy arrangement peeking out in the corner is from our wedding reception and bridal shower over 12 years ago!  I love that we can see it everyday and still use it.

And just to keep it real…those curtains are totally being held to the curtain rod with masking tape on the back.  Every once in a while one will fall down and I just add fresh tape and keep rolling!  #winning

I really never thought I’d be blogging about wall sconces.  I am truly turning into my mother.  Do you have any sconces in your life?

Traditional Dining Room Update by Adding Sconces under $20. The sconces really finish off the blue formal dining room.

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