McKenna’s 6th Birthday

My sweet first-born turned six at the end of April.  I know I sound like a broken record but… How can she possibly be six?  Where did the time go?


She loves to color, draw and create little masterpieces to give away.  So we thought an art party was in order to celebrate her big day!  Luckily there was an opening at our local pottery painting studio (because I tend to wait until the last minute to get my act together) during her birthday weekend.

Birthdays are stressful.  To me, anyway.  When I was a kid my Mom would offer my sister and I cash as a payoff to not have a birthday party.  I totally get why she did that now.  I tried it with McKenna but she didn’t fall for him.  Girl loves a party.  Especially one in her honor.

{She seems to be enjoying that throne a little too much.}

It was a 2 hour party.  The kids painted mugs for the first hour and then we had the second hour for cake and ice cream and presents.  The cake/ice cream/present part went quicker than we expected and I probably should have had another activity lined up to take up the rest of the party time.  The pottery studio said most people do a quiet game like Bingo or coloring.  The kids didn’t seem to mind.


We had two helpers from the painting studio during the painting time and they were extremely helpful and nice.

For favors, Mom found this cute little paint cans filled with gumballs at Sam’s Club.  They were perfect for an art party and already had the pastel polka dot ribbon on them.   All I had to do was add the “McKenna’s Art Party” printouts that my sister designed for me.  {Ok…Technically the candy was leftover from Easter and on clearance but the expiration date is not until 2014 so no worries.  It pays to have your kid after a major holiday.} 


The birthday girl also got to make a Happy Birthday plate with her hand print in the center and the little faces around the edge were made from the thumb prints of each of the guests in attendance.  I know she is going to love eating from it on her birthday for years to come!


Here are a few more pictures from the day…

{The proud parents with the Birthday Girl!  Ummm….I think Sister caught me mid-speaking.  That is the only plausible excuse I can find for the expression on my face.  Certainly not because I was thinking, “Oh no!  Are we on schedule!?!  Are they going to finish painting too soon???  Is there enough cake?!?  OH NO!  The bathroom facilities having stopped working here.  Where are the kids going to wash their hands???  (True story.) Oh no!  McKenna’s shirt is so long it looks like she’s not wearing pants.  Is everyone having fun??? Am I being a good host?  Did McKenna say ‘Thank you’ enough?? Should I have invited more kids???  Should I have invited less kids???  OMGEEE!!!   Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.} 

Am I alone here on the Birthday panic attacks?

C  A
{Chad and Miss Avery taking a break from painting.}

This is a picture of Avery and my father-in-law.  As you can see, he was doing great last month at McKenna’s party.  But since then his health has declined drastically.  Please remember him and my mother-in-law in the next few weeks as the doctors try to figure out a way to help him.

And that wraps up another birthday extravaganza and birthday party induced panic attack for Mom!

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