Kindergarten Graduation & End of School

Every morning for the last school year, I’ve dropped McKenna off at school and watched her walk toward her class in the rear view mirror or over my shoulder for as long as I could without holding up the car line or running into another vehicle.  I dreaded this part of the day.  She usually walked to her class by herself and it seemed like it was a long way to expect a five year old to walk alone.  So I watched her as long as I could.  Sometimes I even drove around the teacher parking lot without her seeing me so I could make sure she made it into the building. 

My girl walks slowly.  Like there is no school bell and she has all the time in the world.  She takes in every little detail around her.  There’s no telling how long it takes her to get to her actual classroom every morning once she makes it in the building.
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I hate watching her walk away.  Like she’s okay on her own.  Like she doesn’t need me to show her the way.  Like she’s growing up.

But at the same time I wanted to remember how she looked at six, walking away every morning.  Being brave and showing up.  So I took a picture on the last day in full-on-hover-mom-fashion while trying not to hold up the car line.

The same day we came back to school {with the rest of my family because we generally roll about 12 deep} for Kindergarten Graduation.  McKenna led her class into the room.

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They had the cutest little program.
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McKenna received a certificate for completing Kindergarten and presented us with a book full of stories she had written, poems and drawings.
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She had a wonderful teacher.  I’m afraid she has set the bar pretty high for our teacher expectations going forward.  McKenna was so glad to see her teacher at Graduation since she had a baby at the end of May and this was her first time back in the classroom.  It was obvious from the beginning that she really loved and cared about all of her students.
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She also had an awesome teacher’s assistant that she loved just as much.  I happen to have known this lady all of my life and I was so glad that McKenna got to be in her class.  {She made all of the kids in the class scarves at Christmas and made each one a cap and tassel out of poster board and yarn for Graduation.}
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Much to Chad’s dismay, we never miss a photo opportunity for a family picture.  This was as good as we got.
DSC_0621 edit

Miss Avery decided to try on the graduation thing for size.
DSC_0627 edit

And here’s a final look at Kindergarten from beginning to end… 
mckenna school beg and end edited

Bring on summertime!

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