Fall Porch and Mantel

It’s Fall, y’all!  I’ve been busy getting ready inside and out.  To get ready inside, I’ve gotten the mantel done and eaten a tub of Candy Corn. 

We live so far from town that I normally use whatever I have on hand to decorate and sling it together the way I think it looks best. 

 That’s one of my burlap bows from the front porch at July 4th.

I find it difficult to photograph in here with the mirror and all the light from the foyer.

And here are my ghosts on the front porch.  They are a shameless copy of this tutorial.  The little sweetie pie is a total original though!

Here’s a look at the garage door.  I made that wreath a couple of years ago when everyone was falling over themselves to make felt flowers.  I still love it though.  The mums on the ground are in full bloom now like the ones in the planter!

And now we are all set for Fall!  I’m off to grab another handful of Candy Corn!

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