Mission Organization: Closet Rescue | DIY Highlights

On Monday, I shared the DIY projects I used in my closet.  These are fabulous ideas for an amazing DIY Closet Makeover!  Today, I’m sharing my favorite parts of Tori and Beth‘s closet makeover.  Y’all, prepare to be amazed.

Beth’s DIY Projects:

She has wire shelves in her closet and was tired of things falling through the wires. To solve this problem she made these adorable shelf liners! I can’t wait to see how these look in her finished closet!  This is such a great idea if you don’t like wire shelves but don’t want to spend a fortune to replace them!

Photo Credit : SoMuchMoore.Net
Photo Credit : www.SoMuchMoore.Net

Next, Beth repurposed a bin she previously used in her living room by adding a liner to use as a laundry basket.  How pretty is this?

Photo Credit : www.somuchmoore.net


Tori’s DIY Projects:

Tori shared her favorite tips for organizing her closet and a few products that she loves.

Next, she used command hooks to hang belts in her closet.  I’ve already ordered (affiliate link) these on Amazon Prime to incorporate in my final closet reveal!


I’m also going to use her idea for storing scarves on shower hooks.  This totally beats cramming them over the hanger!

Photo credit: www.messtoblessed.com

I can’t wait to finish up my closet and share it with you guys on Monday!  I’ll see you back on Friday with a non-closet post!

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