Girls’ Bathroom Update

Have I mentioned my love for Hobby Lobby on the blog yet?  They have finally opened one in my little corner of the world! It has been a blessing and a curse.

Sometimes I find myself in town with a few minutes to spare and like to run in there to see what’s new.  I could seriously spend all day in there.  Unless my kids are with me and then 12 minutes is about all I can stand.

So you can probably guess where this post is headed…

Miss Miranda and I found ourselves in Hobby Lobby with a few minutes to spare and they happened to have their wall decor 50% off.   I found two prints that looked like they would match in the girls’ bathroom upstairs.  It’s a Jack and Jill bathroom. I hadn’t done much decorating up there since we didn’t use that bathroom for the first 5 years that we lived here.

This is the guest side that rarely gets used.   I hung a few paintings the girls painted at church in there and called it a day.

The walls are a pale pink which sort of clashed with the orange cross painting.  And you have my sincere apologies for the photo quality.  As there is little to no natural light in here, I did the best I could.

The new prints from Hobby Lobby (and the gold M!) look adorable with the wall color!

It’s such a pretty and girly space now!  Here’s a shot in the mirror…because I’m a lunatic.

Do you live near a Hobby Lobby?  What’s the best thing you’ve found there?  Here’s another post that has a fun makeover I did on something I found on the 90% off aisle at Hobby Lobby!

Now we just need a HomeGoods. Alas, a girl can dream…

8 comments on “Girls’ Bathroom Update

  1. Oh how cute! I wish my little girl was this young still and I could put together a sweet little bathroom.

    It looks like I need to get to my Hobby Lobby soon.

    Have a great day.

    Hugs, Lynn

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