St. Patrick’s Day Mantel and Bunting

St Patrick's Day Mantel {Life on the Bay Bush}

Hey guys!  Can you believe March is almost upon us?  I put away my Valentine’s stuff this weekend and put together a little Dollar Store Bunting for St Patrick’s Day this weekend.  I threw this simple little St. Patrick’s Day mantel in no time!

The glitter shamrocks and hats are from the Dollar Tree.  The shamrocks came in packs of 12 and the hats came in packs of 5 so I only spent $2!  The ribbon is from my stash but I think the green came from Michaels and the Black is from Sam’s Club.

I cut the green ribbon and tied a simple knot in each end around the hooks on my mantel.  You can find the hooks here.

Then, I taped three of the shamrocks to the ribbon about 12 inches around, starting in the center.  A hot glue gun would have worked but I didn’t feel like dragging it out.  Tape wouldn’t hold the little hats so I stapled those right to the ribbon.  Quick and easy!


Since the hats were a little heavier they were causing the bunting to face downward.  In retrospect, I should have stapled those as low as possible on the ribbon to avoid it twisting.  However, it wasn’t much of an issue when I tied the black ribbon onto the green.  It bunched it up enough to keep it from twisting too much.

I love the way it turned out!  And I really love that it was only $2!  Here’s the rest of my St. Patrick’s Day mantel.

I found those big glitter shamrocks on clearance at Big Lots after St Patrick’s Day last year.  That’s my best tip for seasonal decorating.  I pick up a couple of things on clearance after each holiday and tuck them away for next year.  It’s much cheaper than buying at full price and I usually spend $5 or less. Then I always have something new for next year.

I tied (pun intended) it all together with the bows on the candle sticks using the same black and white ribbon from the bunting.

Super cute St. Patrick's Day Mantel

I can’t remember where I found the Luck of the Irish sign.  It’s hanging on the mirror from a little suction cup.  I also hung one of the extra hats on the suction cup to cover it up.

I love how cheerful and festive it is!

Adorable and easy St Patrick's Day Mantel and DIY Bunting.  Life on the Bay Bush

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