Rustic Glitter Shamrock

Remember my Rustic Valentine’s Glitter Heart?  Let me refresh your memory…seriously, one of the easiest DIYs to date!

Well…I decided to flip it around and add a glitter shamrock to the back of it for St. Patrick’s Day!  Now, I consider this one of my better ideas to date since St. Patrick’s Day is the next holiday after Valentine’s.  All I have to do is flip it around to get ready for the next holiday!  No, putting it away after Valentine’s Day or dragging it out of the attic for St. Patrick’s Day.  Sometimes I surprise myself…and I mean that in the most humble way possible.  Sometimes common sense is not my greatest strength.  But it’s all good.  No one gets all the gifts.  That is one thing I have taken away from the Bible Study I’ve been attending.

Here’s what you need (may contain affiliate links):

Cut a piece of con-tact paper the size of the lid.

Draw a shamrock (or any desired shape) with the Sharpie on the paper.

Cut out the shape without cutting through the outer edge of the Con-tact Paper.

Pull off the back of the Con-tact paper and adhere to the lid.  Make sure the edges are pressed down well.  Kitty Kitty was extremely interested in this project.  I did this one outside to avoid a glitter explosion in my kitchen.

Generously apply Mod Podge to the inside of the shamrock.

Generously apply glitter to the Mod Podge.

Shake of the loose glitter and touch up any spots that you missed.

Pull off the Con-Tact paper and admire your craftiness!

I love the way it turned out!  It went right back up onto the mantel in the kitchen (where I had it for Valentine’s Day.)

Love this small kitchen mantel decorated for St. Patrick's Day! So cute and easy!

The candles and glass jar were leftover from Valentine’s. I found the green hat in my stash and threw it up there to replace the wire heart.

I love easy projects like this!  A lot of people have a love/hate relationship with glitter.  I don’t love cleaning it up but I do love the way it sparkles!

DIY Tutorial for this adorable glitter shamrock. Perfect for St Patrick's Day! And it has a surprise on the back! Life On The Bay Bush

Love it?  Don’t forget to pin it!  And check out the other projects I’ve done with cheeseboxes here!

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