Medicine Cabinet Organization

One of my favorite sayings is…”You never know what goes on behind closed doors.”  Another favorite is “Everything that glitters isn’t gold.”   Here’s a prime example.

The cabinet doors hide the danger lurking inside.  Brace yourself. This photo is pretty bad.  But I’d hate for y’all to think I have my ducks in a row when I clearly do not.  Most days I’m scrambling from fire to fire and never get a chance to tackle what’s causing the fires.

Every single time I open this cabinet door something falls out on me.  Every time!  And I open it a lot as it houses the sippy cups on the bottom shelf and the top two shelves house our medicine. It was slowly causing me to lose my mind.

In an effort to avoid doing another job I didn’t want to do, I randomly started clearing the cabinet out shelf by shelf and wiped each shelf down.

I grabbed a trash bag and immediately threw out anything that was out of date, had no lid, came free with a kids meal or was broken.  That took care of two grocery bags full of stuff.  A few items just did not belong in there and went to a more appropriate home (like the candle and rotating utensil holder…why?!?)

I sorted what was left by type in these little plastic bins with handles.  Mine came from Sam’s Club in early January.  I didn’t see any left the last time I was there but I saw something similar in Target.  Here are similar ones (affiliate link) that I found on Amazon.  Bins from the Dollar Store would work too! The handles on these are awesome for storing stuff on the upper shelves of cabinets.  You can easily grab them, get what you need and put them back.

Once the meds were sorted, I created a few simple labels in Microsoft Word to put in each bin.  I find that labels help me stay organized and remember what goes where.  I used an extra mug to corral the cremes and ointments.

On the sippy cup shelf, I put the ones we use the least in the back and kept our favorites to the front to avoid digging through them.  I lined them up as neatly as I could but I doubt the picture is pin-worthy since they don’t match.  But this is real life and not pinterest so I’m okay with that.

Finally, I ended up with Bandaids, our Disney mug collection and koozies on the top shelf.

I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but it has already made a huge difference for me.  Now I don’t need to open the door with one hand while bracing to catch stuff with the other!  The best part was that I spent less than $20!

I recently conquered our junk drawer and you can check out my other organization posts here!

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