Medicine Cabinet  {Part 2}

Super easy project

Thanks so much for all the love on my medicine cabinet. It’s really the little things in life that drive you nuts so I’m so glad to have that one taken care of!

However, I decided I could make it even better by adding a little bulletin board to the inside of the door.  This is the perfect spot for all those birthday and shower invites that fill up your refrigerator.  We use this cabinet often so there’s no danger in them being forgotten about.

I love a project that I can use stuff from my house without buying anything!  I remembered two pieces of cork board I stashed in my closet during my major clean out last fall. These used to grace my dorm room in college. I have no idea how they’ve survived this long!  I wasn’t feeling the ivy for this project so I flipped it over and used the back side.

My cabinet doors have an inset section. I measured the width and marked the cork board to the right size.

The opening was just under 7 inches wide.


I used scissors to cut it down to size and intended to use the sticky part of a command hook to hold the cork board to the door. However, it fit so tightly within the inset that I didn’t need anything else to hold it.  Finally, I added a few push pins and I was done!

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