Valentine’s Day {Expectations vs Reality}

Our Valentine’s Day didn’t go quite like I planned this year.  You see, I have these grand visions of surprising the girls with the table decorated for Valentine’s Day with pancakes and sprinkles and relaxed conversations about the day ahead while the eat their nutritious breakfast.

The reality was more like frozen waffles while running out the door to school…and we were still tardy.  I spent too much time working on McKenna’s hair and not enough time looking for Avery’s missing school folder.

Then, I spent so much time trying to get the scanner to work on my printer that I nearly missed lunch with my husband.  Does anyone else feel like their computer and printer can’t be counted on to work without divine intervention?  I feel like God has more important things to do than fix my printer but he always does.

After a quick lunch with Chad, I scurried to school for Valentine’s Day parties.

McKenna’s boyfriend gave her a chocolate bear.  What?!?  She is growing up too, too fast!

I wanted to make up for the lack-luster breakfast with a fun Valentine’s Dinner so we ran by the grocery store and picked up the ingredients for homemade pizzas.  This was going to be a grand decorate-your-own heart-shaped pizza family event.

Little Priss was too busy riding her tricycle through the kitchen to help…

And this is where things took a turn for the worse…While we were cooking, McKenna and I collided and caused my foot to go in one direction while my little toe went in another.  I’ve broken toes before but the pain was 20x times worse. I couldn’t put any weight on my right foot.  So Chad came home and took me to the Emergency Room.

Luckily, my foot wasn’t broken.  It was dislocated though so the doctor gave me a shot to numb it and then snatched the bone back into place.

By the time I got discharged it was after 11pm and we were starving.  We dined on Wendy’s value meals in the 24 hours Walgreen’s parking lot while I waited for my medicine.

So Valentine’s didn’t go like I planned, but it could have been worse!  I feel like that happens so much in life.  We build our expectations up so high that the reality is a let down.  But the beauty in the reality is that you never know what’s going to happen next.  If everything went the way we planned, there would be no surprises.

So this Valentine’s Day was full of “surprises” and it’s definitely one we won’t forget!  How was your Valentine’s Day?  Am I the only one that went to the ER?

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