Where the Wild Things Are

I haven’t shared much about my girls on the blog lately.  After I went Haven Conference last summer I really tried to focus the blog down on to one main topic or niche.  I chose Home/DIY since that’s what I enjoy the most.  However, I feel like my girls are such an important part of my life (I mean…they’re the reason I’m here) that I’m not being authentic or fair by leaving them out.  So you’ll probably see more of them going forward but there will still be plenty of DIY crafting and projects too.  I guess that makes this a lifestyle blog.

Plus, I don’t want them telling their therapist in 15 years about how their Mama didn’t include them in the blog and blaming their issues on me.

This leads me to todays post.  My sweet Avery performed in an adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak with the rest of the 1st grade at her school.  Her class represented Max.  (If you’ve never read the children’s book this will mean nothing to you and you’ll be thoroughly confused.  Here’s an affiliate link to the book.  It’s a classic.)

McKenna did a similar production to a different book when she was in 1st grade too.  You can read about it here.

Avery is my “wild thing” so it was a perfect fit for her.

The production incorporated all of the “specials” they go to during school.  For example, they made their costumes (out of paper bags) in art class and worked on coral recitation in drama (and reading!). They learned the dance routines in P.E. and the songs in Music.

I think it’s so amazing that all of these teachers work together to create a cohesive learning experience for these children!

Speaking of the dance moves…here is a little video I took during the show.  Avery is on the left with all the moves.

Little Sister was unimpressed and found running up and down the aisle to be much more entertaining.  Yes.  We are those people.

We snagged a couple of shots after the show with her cousin who is also in 1st grade.

And one with their masks on.

We’re happy that Avery has made her Theatre debut and look forward to many more shows!

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