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Get a cute and free printable calendar every month at Life on the Bay Bush!

Can you believe it’s March already?  It’s no secret that I have been on a quest to simplify and organize my life this year.  In doing this, I noticed that my children have much more active social lives than I do.  To keep track of all their activities and social engagements I created this calendar for my refrigerator (or the inside door of a cabinet).

I thought you guys might find it useful too so I’m including it here on the blog!  It’s just a prettier version of a normal calendar.  But if you’re going to spend your time following it, it may as well be pretty!  It works great in a sheet protector with magnets on the back.  I’ll try to post next month’s calendar before the month starts.

Get a cute and free printable calendar every month at Life on the Bay Bush!

Download it by clicking the link below to Scridb!

March 2017 by


While I’m here I also wanted to share a couple of pictures of my girls.  It’s Read Across America week at school to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday!  Tuesday was dress like your favorite book character day.  McKenna and her bestie dressed as the twins from the Sweet Valley High books!  Is that not a blast from the past.  McKenna was Elizabeth and apparently that costume requires a jean jacket, pink eye shadow and a “perfect pony tail!”  I put perfect pony tail in quotations as my first two attempts were not deemed perfect.

Avery wanted to dress as Anna from Frozen.  I was thankful for our stash of princess dresses that makes days like this easy and thankful that she still thinks princesses are cool.  I had to take her picture in the dining room as it was the only room in the house that was remotely clean.

We’ve had the weirdest weather this winter.  We hit 80 more than once in February.  The baby is ready for summer though!

And I’ll add one more random snippet to this (very unfocused) blog  post.  We celebrated Fat Tuesday with jambalaya and King {Coffee} Cake.  I had a lot of coffee cake leftover from our last day of Bible Study.  Since I couldn’t find a King Cake, I arranged the leftovers in a circle and added purple and green sprinkles to the top!  Easy peasy!  The girls had no idea what Fat Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday) was so we got to discuss the Biblical side of sacrificing for Lent.  I left out the whole Mardi Gras part and they were none the wiser.

Finally, have you heard of the 40 days 40 bags challenge by White House Black Shutters?  You commit to getting rid of one bag of stuff each day of Lent.  It started yesterday but there’s still plenty of time to catch up!  I’ve gotten rid of multiple bags of baby clothes in the last two weeks so I’m going to count that as my Day 1 and move forward.  Who wants to commit?  There is a Facebook group to keep you motivated.  Check it out!

I know this was a random post so thanks for sticking with me to the end!  I hope you can use the calendar!

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